What Does Potency Depend On? My Canadian Pharmacy Guide

After a study, American scientists have concluded that most men who live a poor sexual life, have no lower potency than those who live it twice as often. The rarity of relations depends on a variety of factors that do not allow to show potency to the fullest extent. What does potency depend on? Why some men are “lucky”, while others consider themselves a waste? Let’s find it out together with My Canadian Pharmacy.

What is potency?

impotentOn the one hand, some kind of male power is put in the body by nature. Similarly, as there are people who are stronger or faster, or sharp-eyed, so the potency of each person initially depends on the physical data.

However, the whole female strength depends on the environment and the lifestyle of a man. Of course, nobody can rise above his natural limit, but a physically strong, healthy man is more likely to be a good lover at any age. Poor health, alcohol, drugs, excessive smoking, obesity – all this may kill even initially good potency.

Unfortunately, men often tend not to pay attention to their health, until the process does so far and requires serious medical intervention. Practically any disease has a negative effect on potency, not only the ones related to the reproductive system – but also kidney, reproductive organs, prostate, endocrine system diseases. After all, any ailment makes a person focus on the pain, think of the possible complications, and not about the pleasures.

Of course, if a person has been sick for many years, there’s nothing to be done. But how we harm our health! Alcohol and smoking have been accompanying us since our youth and do not improve our health, and therefore the potency. Reluctance to go to the doctors makes the treatment difficult to follow.

Professional insalubrity is generally the curse of many modern men

sad manThe list of candidates for reduced potency is headed by motorists and drivers. The constant shaking on rough roads leads to disruption of blood circulation into the genital organs, congestive prostate inflammation, the erection and desire reduction. There are simple ways to reduce shaking while riding a car, but they are neglected. In addition, despite numerous warnings, drivers contact with gasoline very close. Even if there is no apparent poisoning of the body, gasoline vapor enters the blood and reduces male sexual abilities (http://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/sex-drive).

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Winter fishing lovers, sitting on the ice are in a high-risk group; workers of hot shops, miners, sailors are also at risk. Practically every man hopes for the state care, it is necessary to look around at work and identify what can threaten your health in general, and particularly your potency. Overweight also has a negative effect on the potency, which many men suffer from. The fact is that the adipose tissue burns hormones, and obesity gives an increased load on the heart, blood vessels, muscles.

Therefore, a man who wants to improve his potency should monitor his weight, follow a diet and have fasting days. After all, we can’t control many diseases, but we are able to fight obesity – we can get rid of it!

Alcohol: an enemy or a friend?

alcohol intakeOne of the worst enemies of potency is alcohol. Ancient doctors said: “The wine excites a desire, but deprives of opportunity to implement it”. Alcohol “clouds” the brain, brings excitement, but also adversely affects the spinal centers of the brain that are responsible for erection and ejaculation. Some men take a glass of wine “to relax” before sexual intercourse. Yes, it is known that a small amount of alcohol relieves stress, allows you to forget about the hesitancy, about a bad relationship with your wife, a disorder in life. Therefore, it may turn out better than usual.

But every time a man “takes a drink” he is getting closer to a path to alcoholism. The only correct way is to change the relationship with his wife, to make her an ally in bed. the situation is even worse with the men who use drugs. In terms of sex, there are no weak or strong drugs, they all are negative. Even those who are considered conventional in some cultures even among teenagers (marijuana, hashish), they quickly lead to a harsh and often irreversible loss of potency.

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Drugs are ruining not only the will but also the body, affecting sexual centers even worse than alcohol. The “fairytale” that drugs exacerbate sexuality, is actually limited to self-deception, an illusion of solving all the problems.

Psychological factors

depressed manA huge role in the manifestation of male potency is given to psychological factors. Even in youth, when passion burns man inside when he seems to be ready for sexual intercourse at any time, a “cold” woman won’t allow him to manifest his mastery to the full extent. The marriage intimate life has its own features. The idea that all the marital problems are solved in a bed is just a fairy tale. In fact, a bad relationship with a wife does not allow a man to relax and get a normal sexual desire. An offended woman will not help the partner, and, perhaps, will do anything to hinder a normal intimacy.

That is why the ancient Chinese people were smart – they said that the main thing is to satisfy a woman. But is it possible if you do not love her and she does not love you? Moreover, this discrepancy appears with age, and even more – if the constant partner – the wife – is a reserved non-sexual woman. Sometimes, she reproaches her husband in the men’s weakness, although she is the reason for this “weakness”. But there is a counter-question – why a man failed (or did not want) to “awaken” her as a woman?

Sometimes spouses share household duties, love of children, friendship with his friends or girlfriends. And all such conflicts weaken the internal communication of the spouses, reduce the value of intimacy and at the same time – male potency. Our education leads to the fact that the man often goes to bed preoccupied with his own problems – the conflict at work, troubles with his son, a lack of money.

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All these thoughts do not allow to devote himself entirely to the excitement and do not develop a normal erection. If this condition is repeated over and over again, the man obtains a fear not to meet the expectations of his wife. Reproaches of his wife, his own troubles – all this leads to neurosis, an expectation of failure, which is the reason for the reduction of potency in case of nearly 40% of men addressing a sex therapist.

What are the other causes of impotence?

wifeFinally, the reason for the decline of potency can be hard work, too active lifestyle, which simply does not leave time to sex. Of course, there are many other factors that affect the potency, each case is individual. For example, men often complain of the decreased potency for one simple reason – they do not have a place to live a sexual life. Often a husband and a wife, two children and a mother-in-law share the same room.

Thus, we can say that potency is dependent on the innate strength, men’s health, alcohol or drugs, relations with the loved one. And, basically, the potency is a manifestation of the general health. It is understood that men living in awful conditions and disgusting ecology can lose even good natural instincts and will not be able to keep a proper potency.

Unfortunately, even now the majority of men measure their potency on a purely physical parameter – the size of genitals, intercourse frequency or duration, speed of erection. This is wrong, potency can be defined as the ability to satisfy a woman. In other words, male potency is estimated by a woman. Often one man lives with two women and one feels crazy about him, while the other considers him a complete impotent. Why? Obviously, everything depends on the mysterious and wonderful feeling of love that inspires any words and acts.


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