About Us

The main goal of My Canadian Pharmacy is to provide consumers with the opportunity to buy high-quality products at affordable prices in Canadian pharmacies.

We are constantly improving and introducing new technologies into our pharmacy, which allows for a quick search and dispensing of medications. Also, the introduction of trade automation systems allows you to provide all the necessary information on the product you are looking for directly at the checkout.

The number of our customers is growing rapidly. Today, every day more than 40 thousand customers make purchases from us. You can buy medications cheaply and without a queue from our website. Our pharmacy has more than 200 000 regular customers who successfully use discount coupons and special offers to save money.

Our pharmacy is not the only one among the cheapest pharmacies, but also one of the most socially-oriented pharmacies. We have social projects and promotions. Our store is an online resource that contains our contact information: the phone number; address. You can send suggestions via feedback.

Our website is a powerful and convenient tool that allows you to find medications using the name. You just have to start typing the name of the drug in the search bar, and the system will prompt and display products with images and prices. We are constantly working to expand the range of our products, attracting suppliers from other countries but not limited to India.

In our network, you can buy almost any medications, herbal supplements and other health-related products.

Your benefits are:

  • We are an online pharmacy of low prices. The order is arranged in several clicks. It is delivered fast enough, you only need to specify the delivery point correctly.
  • High-quality products and a wide range of products, which is constantly expanding.
  • The pricing policy of the company is aimed at the benefit of the customer, we have cheap online drugs.
  • Service aimed at the comfort of customers. Our pharmacists are constantly undergoing training and certification of advanced training in order to more efficiently and quickly serve our customers. The use of bank terminals and modern information accounting systems contribute to the improvement of service. We also take care of our customers and design our pharmacy in such a way that it would be convenient for any age category.
  • Our managers are ready to provide you with answers to questions related to pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment. You can contact them via email.


My Canadian Pharmacy is an informative service. All the information should not be used in the purposes to establish a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan. Our company is a vendor, not a drug manufacturer. We cooperate with drug manufacturers who distribute their products to us. We have no relation with Icon Bioscience and Verisome. They move to another domain. We bear no responsibility for any damage brought to your health. All the questions related to the drug quality should be addressed to the drug manufacturer directly.