Advantages of Oral Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur in men of any age and mostly tend to occur in men those who have been subjected to drinking, smoking, use of illegal drugs for long. If a man has some other disease then that can also lead him to experience erectile dysfunction, affecting the intensity of the disorder to a significantly large extent. At times a prolonged period of cycling or too much stress in life can also make an individual’s penis not erect enough which is sufficiently needed during the time of sexual intercourse. If this condition prevails for persistently a long period of time then they need for proper medication and consultation of a doctor becomes really very important. It is always suggested to consult someone from a renowned organization or medical institute just like My Canadian Pharmacy. Otherwise certain risk factors regarding the overall health condition may tend to appear. There are several methods and modes of medication including the oral medication which is perhaps one of the most effective ones. Oral medications are available at My Canadian Pharmacy which can really help out a patient in order to fight against erectile dysfunction, significantly well.

So here are some further explanations regarding various oral medications that are quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction. The various oral pills and medications needed for treating erectile dysfunctions are as follows:

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Levitra

Cialis, an effective oral medication for erectile dysfunction

Reportedly, Cialis is the only medicine that has been clinically proven and works for 36 hours. Cialis starts working within 30 minutes which is really very fast and effective. This medication helps to ensure proper blood flow to the penis. Cialis is also known as Tadalafil. The proper effect of the pill ensures the required erection which is needed during a particular sexual activity. However, Cialis can be available from My Canadian Pharmacy but it cannot be purchased without a prescription.

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Cialis Viagra Levitra

Viagra, considered as the first drug for erectile dysfunction

Viagra is considered as the first drug that is quite effective for curing erectile dysfunction in the most correct manner. It is approved as the first drug that comes in handy for treating erectile dysfunction. An effective dose of Viagra can boost the natural process of erection which is required during the time of sexual activity. According to several types of research and reports it has been found that there are over 6 million people who have tried Viagra at one of the time or the other.

Levitra, yet another effective oral solution

Also known as Vardenafil, FDA has approved Levitra as a medicinal drug which is quite effective for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Quite similar to that of Cialis and Viagra, Levitra is also available only after a proper prescription is shown to the pharmacist. Side effects occurring out of Levitra do not tend to last for long and are generally mild in nature.

Alternative oral medications available for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The various alternative oral medications and therapies for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction may vary geographically. Phentolamine and Uprima are known to be used as an alternative at one point of time. And according to reports the application of these drugs had not been impressive enough as it is in case of Cialis, Levitra and of course Viagra.

Sexual activity

Further discussions on the topic

According to studies and researches the potencies of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are found quite similar to each other and at the same time these pills and drugs are extremely efficient for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction, which is prescribed and recommended by doctors when they think it is important for their patients to undergo oral medications after a certain point of time, while treating an erectile dysfunction. However, one must even choose to think over the matter and decide to have a check on the following factors such as:

  • limitless drinking
  • drug abuse
  • keeping track of other health problems
  • anxiety
  • relationship problems
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So, it is basically a two-way process where a man must also be conscious of the psychological factor apart from the fact that he is undergoing an oral medication treatment for Erectile Dysfunction that can be availed and purchased from My Canadian Pharmacy.



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