IBI’s Verisome® technology encompasses over 20 related, but distinct, novel and proprietary drug delivery systems. Using the same basic principles, the final product can be manufactured in a biodegradable solid, gel or liquid form capable of releasing drug in a controlled manner for extended periods of time.

Verisome® Technology Advantages

Clinically compatible The drug delivery system degrades as the active agent is released over the intended duration of time. Clinically, this is highly desirable and unique to IBI’s technology as it allows the physician to easily and accurately assess the status of the therapy. As long as the system is visible in the eye, the drug is being released. Additionally, none of the drug delivery platform exists at the end of therapy. This facilitates the administration of additional doses. Clinically flexible Verisome® technology will allow physicians to treat diseases of the eye in a patient friendly, cost efficient and clinically superior manner. Instead of having the duration of treatment dictated by the product, physicians will be able to administer consistent levels of a drug directly to the affected site for the duration of treatment they deem clinically appropriate. It will allow the physician to specifically tailor the therapy for an individual patient.
Versatile Verisome® can incorporate a broad range of pharmaceutical agents including small molecules, nucleic acids, peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Controlled kinetics The Verisome® system can be adjusted to deliver pharmaceutical agents at a desired rate over a designed period of time. Excellent in-vitro and in-vivo kinetics for over one year have been demonstrated.
Safe   IBI completed GLP toxicology studies with no indication of toxicity. Stable  Stability information collected to date supports at least a two-year dating.
Injectable   Controlled-release formulations can be designed in a solid, gel or liquid state depending upon the specific clinical requirements. It is uniquely capable of being delivered with a small 30-gauge needle as a standard intravitreal or anterior chamber injection, without additional devices or surgical procedures. Easy to manufacture No complex manufacturing processes are required in formulating the finished dosage forms. Typically low excipient costs over the basic pharmaceutical agent are readily achieved. Traditional sterilization techniques are completely compatible.


 Unique Verisome®
formulation designed for
6 month to one year delivery
in anterior chamber and
the vitreous

Ultrasound of an
intravitreal Verisome®
formulation injected in the

Product designed to
disappear in weeks to
months (as required) when
injected into the anterior
chamber of the eye



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