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My Canadian Pharmacy: Generic Vendor with Quality Drugs


Welcome to the site of My Canadian Pharmacy.

We are an online pharmacy offering its customers high-quality products. In 2016, it was decided to speed up the development of our online service and today we cooperate with many reliable drug manufacturers. Pharmacy is an innovative product in the pharmaceutical market, which is trusted by thousands of customers due to several aspects. We respect our customers’ right to being healthy. As a result, we carry out the drug-delivery to every corner of the world.

Low prices

The main advantage of our pharmacy is low prices, which play an important role for people, especially those undergoing long courses of treatment. Due to the development of our online service, we reach a great turnover, which guarantees substantial discounts from drug manufacturers. In turn, our company can offer the most profitable prices to its customers.

Our store periodically holds promotions for popular products, which allows you to make a purchase even more profitable and save more than 50%.My Canadian Pharmacy Online for You

Wide range

My Canadian Pharmacy is distinguished by a wide range of products. Our website is a place where you will find more than 300 items, including rare medications. Rare drugs are difficult to find in conventional drugstores. You can always get acquainted with the range of our products on the website and book the necessary goods.


Among the most popular drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy, we may distinguish:

  • Xalatan is ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. The active ingredient of the drug is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin PGF. It has the ability to reduce intraocular pressure due to an increased outflow of fluid from the eye, although it does not affect its secretion. Ophthalmotonus decreases already 3-4 hours after drug administration, reaching maximum values within 8-12 hours. Its effect lasts for 24 hours. The drug does not affect the intraocular blood circulation, the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is also ineffective for cataract (address Icon Bioscience or Verisome to get more details about how to treat cataract). Even after a short course of treatment in patients suffering from pseudophakia, no fluorescein was observed on the back of the eyeball.
  • Viagra is a powerful means to restore potency. Its action is aimed at eliminating the main causes of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient – sildenafil – improves the blood supply to the vessels involved in the erection process, which enhances sexual capabilities. The penis increases in size, becomes erected and remains in this state until the end of sexual intercourse. Taking the pills should be coordinated with the doctor to avoid side effects and to find the optimal daily dosage. In most cases, the influence of generic Viagra has a positive effect on the male body.
  • Cialis belongs to the drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main active ingredient is tadalafil. It is a selectively reversible inhibitor of PDE-5, an enzyme that is found in the cavernous body, smooth muscles, other organs and parts of the human body. As a result of sexual stimulation in the body, biochemical and physiological processes occur, which ultimately cause relaxation of smooth muscles, then blood rushes to the penis, as a result – an erection occurs. The effect of the drug occurs within 30 minutes (if there is sexual excitement) and lasts for 36 hours. It does not adversely affect the organs of vision, the quality of sperm or the level of sex hormones.
  • Levitra is prescribed for erectile function. It guarantees the common response to sexual stimulation. The physical concept of this medication is to relax the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and arterioles. Vardenafil overlaps a special PDE-5 enzyme, which increases the process of igneous nitric oxide, which is released during the period of sexual stimulation from the nerve endings of the corpus cavernosum. As a result, it promotes the growth of blood flow to the sexual organ.
  • Orth-Tri-Cyclen is included in the group of hormonal contraceptives used systemically, progestogens and their combinations with estrogen. The main active ingredients of the drug are ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate. Due to the low estrogen content, the potential side effects are reduced, usually resulting from their use. This drug suppresses ovulation which prevents the attachment of fertilized egg to the fallopian tube.
  • Cipro is an antimicrobial drug of the fluoroquinolone group. The mechanism of action is associated with the effect on the DNA gyrase (topoisomerase) of bacteria, which plays an important role in the reproduction of bacterial DNA. Cipro has a fast bactericidal effect on microorganisms, which are both at rest and reproduction state.

High quality

All products offered in our pharmacy are purchased directly from the official manufacturer, which eliminates the entry of substandard products in the online catalog. My Canadian Pharmacy has its own warehouses with modern refrigeration units and storage systems, specialized transport, specially equipped for the transportation of medicines. We follow a strict control over the shelf life of drugs. All this ensures that by purchasing products in our online pharmacy, you get only high-quality products.


Modern software installed on our website. It allows pharmacists in a short time to get access to information about the availability of medications and the time necessary for their delivery. The pharmacy has its own training center, in which employees constantly improve their professional level. Everything in our store was done to ensure that the client was satisfied with the quality of the services provided and returned again. For the convenience of customers, a drug reservation service was developed, which allows you to get your acquainted with the entire product range, product description and place an order without leaving home.


Our staff consists of high-level professionals. According to customers’ reviews, My Canadian Pharmacy team is a successful “mixture” of youth and experience. Many employees of the company have got practice in state-owned enterprises and inter-hospital pharmacies. Our company successfully rejuvenates the team by graduates of nationwide universities, maintains friendly relations with Harvard University, acts as a base for internship students of this university. Employees of the company improve their knowledge in refresher courses, lectures of pediatricians, cardiologists, etc. Pharmacists learn the novelties in the pharmaceutical business. The applicants to work in our pharmacy are required to have the skills of a psychologist.

Corporate Social Responsibility

My Canadian Pharmacy values corporate social responsibility of society. It is the basis of our business strategy. Therefore, the slogan of the company “Available medications are next to you” is not just words, but the company’s philosophy. The company is trying to remove any kind of barriers so that all members of society despite their status, geography and state of health, have equal access to essential medications.

We have set itself the goal of breaking the stereotype that professional pharmaceutical and consulting assistance cannot be provided in an affordable pharmacy. Every day thousands of our customers receive comprehensive advice, assistance and support. We are confident in the quality of advice from our pharmacists because we have high standards of training and staff development as mentioned above.


My Canadian Pharmacy is an informative service. All the information should not be used in the purposes to establish a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan. Our company is a vendor, not a drug manufacturer. We cooperate with drug manufacturers who distribute their products to us. We have no relation with Icon Bioscience and Verisome. They move to another domain. We bear no responsibility for any damage brought to your health. All the questions related to the drug quality should be addressed to the drug manufacturer directly.